March 2021

March Staff Appreciation Volunteers
Thank you to the committee members for making this possible!
Julie Hill
Julie Swett
Jayshree Velacheri
Carol Thomson
Annette Bosworth
Tina Keathley
Renee Day
Jenny Stokes
Laurie Duncan
Meg Davidson
Molly Brydson
Sarah Garrison
Barbara Craig
Leah Belew
Sharon Brantley
Valerie Andruss
Kelly Breeden
Monica Haydt
Kristin Paull
Dana Wilkes
Brooke Leath
Dawn Breyfogle
Michelle Davis
Claudia Scott
Erin Placke
Karen Stroud
Jenny Hicks
Laura Boone
Simone Krasan
Yanni Zhang
Darlene McMahan
Elizabeth Swallow
Cristen Daniel
Julie Jones
Daisy Cramer
Martha Watanabe
Lily Moskal
Carrie Wilkin
All are welcome to join our Volunteer Committee at any time. We have events planned for each month
of the school year, so please join us for the next one! Contact Merideth Jones, if you are interested or
would like more information about the program.
Kimberly Frost, Jocelyn Johnson, Merideth Jones, Beth Lindow
Staff Appreciation Chairs