The Outdoor Classroom is Ready!
Special thanks to our No Hassle Fundraiser donors who made this beautiful space for learning possible.

Lab Staff-Lounge

Support the No Hassle Donation Campaign
It’s quick, it’s easy, and requires no volunteer hours! No Hassle dollars help to fund requests from teachers and staff at WHS. Covering costs for everything from classroom start-up supplies to digital graphics software to 3D printers to theater production costs, No Hassle dollars fill in where district and state dollars fall short. 

A few other examples of gifts to WHS courtesy of WHS PTO. Your donation to No Hassle Fundraiser contributes to improving learning spaces all over the campus.

Lab Staff-Lounge Library 

How Do You Donate to No Hassle?

Donate online using the product links below, or donate by check.

May I Donate by Check?

Of course! Print and complete the No Hassle donation form and return it, along with your check made payable to WHS PTO to WHS, 4100 Westbank Drive, Austin, 78746.

Tax ID for WHS PTO is 74 2584855

WHS PTO No Hassle Fundraiser Form

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