Spotlight October 2018

Danielle Wills and her family of tumblers have been flipping and cheerleading across Westlake for nearly 20 years. Danielle and her husband Rob moved into the Eanes school district back in 1998, with their daughters Megan and Madison, who were soon followed by twins Jake and Kaitlyn. All four went through Cedar Creek Elementary, Hill Country Middle School, then Westlake High School, where Jake and Kaitlyn are currently Juniors. The siblings are known for their tumbling and cheerleading skills, with all three sisters competing at the national level on All Star cheer teams, as well as on the WHS Cheer Squad. Jake has been a member of the push-up squad since his Freshman year where he can be spotted doing insane tumbling passes on the sidelines.

The concept for Tumble Tech grew out of Danielle’s observation that Austin needed more gym space for recreational as well as competitive power tumbling and trampoline training, along with other free-movement activities such as Parkour and Free-Running. Tumble Tech started in 2015 in leased space at the back of WACC, where it continues to operate today. In addition, Tumble Tech built a full time facility in 2017 on Sports Row in Cedar Park, where its competitive team trains. 

Danielle is a hands-on owner, and is at the gym every day. The “Wills Squad” can be found at the gym a lot of the time as well, tumbling and flipping, coaching, and supporting the family business.