Staff Appreciation

With your help, this committee provides luncheons, treats, and gift cards throughout the year to show our appreciation to our teachers and staff who work hard to provide the best for our children. Volunteers may be asked to donate baked goods or side dishes, or gift cards.

Last year we provided Staff Apprecation events each month of the school year with the exception of March. There were many themes including Thanksgiving Texas Honey Ham, Parfait Breakfast, WHS Trailer feast with P Terry's, etc. These were supplemented with baked goods and side dishes. Lastly, we provided an end-of-school year luncheon for everyone to attend. We raffle off items including treats, table decorations, and gift cards at each one of these occasions. The teachers love the gift cards.


If you would be willing to provide your time, baked goods, side dishes or gift cards in support of these events, please email Christine Machon, Staff Appreciation Chair.